Nigerian Delegation To Explore Agriculture Opportunities In France

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A high-level delegation comprising heads of technical colleges of agriculture from Nigeria is set to embark on a pivotal mission to France next week.

According to a statement issued on Friday by the French Embassy in Abuja, This mission is part of the WATEA project “Women in Agricultural Technical Education and Apprenticeship in Nigeria” granted by the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs with almost 600,000 EUR in 2023, and implemented in coordination with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA).

In her speech to the departing delegation, the Ambassador of France to Nigeria, Emmanuelle Blatmann said “as we convene for the first stakeholders meeting of the “Women in Agricultural Technical Education and Apprenticeship in Nigeria Project (WATEA), we find ourselves at the nexus of innovation and partnership. This project embodies the shared commitment of France and Nigeria to empower young women in modern agricultural techniques, farm management as well as agroecology.

“Secondly, I am pleased to recognize the imminent departure of a high-level delegation of distinguished heads of technical agriculture institutions, bound for France next week. This journey shows a profound commitment to knowledge exchange and the strengthening of ties between our educational systems.

“The Delegation’s visit underscores the importance of international cooperation in fostering advancements in agricultural education, and I am confident it will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. As you explore our institutions and engage with our academic community, I am confident that this exchange will not only enhance your understanding of the French education system but also pave the way for fruitful collaborations between our nations.

The mission, spanning 10-17 December is aimed at fostering collaboration, exploring governance models, and strengthening ties with local institutions, professionals, and the vibrant local agricultural production network.

The mission itinerary includes visits to prominent educational institutions, government bodies, and agricultural enterprises in Paris and South-West of France, the statement said.

This educational endeavor represents a significant step forward in the bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and France, focusing on the intricate connections between academic institutions, local governance, and the dynamic agricultural landscape.

As part of the key objectives of the mission the delegation will engage in high-level discussions and workshops with counterparts from the French Ministry of Agriculture and French technical colleges in agriculture, to gain insights into effective governance models within agricultural education institutions.

The mission will emphasize building robust connections between Nigerian technical colleges and French local institutions, professionals, and the broader community as well as feature interactive sessions and networking events to facilitate fruitful collaborations.

In the same vein, the mission will understand the nuances of local production are crucial for sustainable agricultural education even as the delegation will visit agricultural sites, engage with local producers, and explore ways to integrate these experiences into their curriculum.

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