Kano Seeks More Funds to Boost Agriculture, Empower Youths

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Kano state governor, Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf, has asked for an extension of the Lives and Livelihoods Fund (LLF) project to widen the scope of beneficiaries and improve the economic sustainability of the agricultural sector in the region.

The governor made the request during a dinner with representatives from the donor organizations supporting the LLF project.

He stressed the importance of the project in empowering unemployed young people and assisting marginalized individuals in Kano, the most populous state in northern Nigeria.

Yusuf highlighted the achievements of his administration in its first year, particularly in agriculture, alongside other areas like healthcare and education.

He thanked the donor organizations for their support, which has positively impacted over one million Kano residents by increasing household incomes and contributing to the state’s economic development.

The governor asked for an extension of the project, assuring the donors of the Kano State Government’s commitment to meticulous management.

Earlier, the team leader, Mr. Adil Alsharif, explained that the purpose of the donor delegation’s visit was to observe the LLF project’s implementation in supporting small-scale farmers, pastoralists, and agricultural associations in Kano.

He emphasized the visit’s role in raising awareness about the fund and its positive impact on the community.

Alsharif expressed satisfaction with the project’s progress and the responsible use of allocated funds. He requested continued support for the initiative.

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