Gombe Emerges as Cotton Farming Hub, Boasting Over Ten Thousand Farmers, States COPMAN Chairman

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The Chairman of the Cotton Producers and Merchant Association of Nigeria (COPMAN), Alhaji Sadiq Ado, is praising the recent surge in cotton farming, attributing it to a combination of rising cotton prices and renewed government focus on agriculture.

Ado highlights the current neglect of the farming industry, but emphasizes the government’s efforts to revive it. He points to the positive impact of the rising US dollar, which has made cotton farming more profitable and attracted new farmers.

“In Gombe State alone, we have over ten thousand cotton farmers,” Ado said, acknowledging the devastating effects of the agricultural decline on the local economy. “There’s no job creation like cotton production,” he continued, outlining the numerous employment opportunities throughout the cotton value chain, from cultivation and processing to textile manufacturing and garment production.

Ado blames the government’s past withdrawal from the cotton industry for its decline. However, he expresses optimism about the future, citing Gombe State Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya’s focus on cotton farming and promises of collaboration with European partners. He anticipates positive changes for Gombe’s cotton farmers.

The Federal Government’s Anchor Borrowers program is also credited for its contribution to the industry’s recent growth.

Ado emphasizes the negative impact of declining cotton production on ginning facilities, a crucial source of employment for young people.

He urges farmers and cotton transporters to maintain honesty and avoid adulteration, which can hinder exports in foreign markets. However, he concludes with a note of pride, stating that “Gombe cotton remains exceptional wherever it goes.”

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