Karfi Maize Marketers Appeal to Gov. Abba to Resettle Them from Temporary Site

By Mustapha Salisu Karfi maize marketers in Kano state have made an impassioned plea to Governor Abba for assistance in relocating them from their current...

Kano Youths Reap Lucrative Gains From Onion Cultivation 

By Salim Sani Youths in Rano, Kibiya, and Bunkure local government areas of Kano State are counting positive profits from onion cultivation and selling as...

Isidore Agritech Revolutionises Agriculture in Nigeria With Jinja Apps Launch

By Mustapha Salisu A social enterprise that uses technology to promote agricultural trade through e-market in Nigeria, Isidore Agritech Limited has launched its new Jinja...
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