Kano Youths Reap Lucrative Gains From Onion Cultivation 

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By Salim Sani

Youths in Rano, Kibiya, and Bunkure local government areas of Kano State are counting positive profits from onion cultivation and selling as a prominent cash crop in the country.  

The region is home to one of the major onion markets in Nigeria, Gun-Dutse, which has significantly contributed to the success of onion farming in the area and Northern Nigeria at large.

Many young people in these areas have embraced onion farming as a means of livelihood and major source of their income, and the demand for onions has made it a more profitable venture where majority of the farmers in the area adopted.

The youths are investing their time and resources into onion farming and are reaping the rewards more especially during the epic period of its sale.

According to one of the onion farmers in Gun-Dutse market, Habunta said, “Onion farming has become a major source of income for me and many other youths in this area. I have been able to pay my bills and support my family from the profits I make from onion farming.”

FARMERS VOICE NG gathered that the success of onion farming in these areas has created many employment opportunities, increased income, skill acquisition and economic growth for Gundutse

However, onion farming is not without its challenges. FARMERS VOICE NG reports that lack of access to finance is a significant challenge that many youths in these areas are facing. Modern storage facilities, land security, power supply land policies.

Despite these challenges, the youths in Rano, Kibiya, and Bunkure remain optimistic about the future of onion farming.

With the right support and investment, onion farming has the potential to transform the lives of many more youths in Rano, Kibiya, and Bunkure.

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