Karfi Maize Marketers Appeal to Gov. Abba to Resettle Them from Temporary Site

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By Mustapha Salisu

Karfi maize marketers in Kano state have made an impassioned plea to Governor Abba for assistance in relocating them from their current temporary site to a more suitable location.

The Karfi Maize Market, situated on the outskirts of Kano Metropolis in Kura LGA, has long served as a vital trading hub for maize and commerce in the region.

The market operates in a temporary site that has been functioning as a roadside market for over two decades.

The land is privately owned by the Village Head of Gundutse, Alh. Ibrahim Bassa, who recently issued a notice indicating his intent to construct a structure on the property.

The notice has raised concerns among the maize marketers as it puts a significant portion of their trading space at risk.

In light of this development, the marketers are now seeking assistance from Governor Abba to secure a new location for them, preferably a wide pitch adjacent complex of Kano state sports institute.

Malam Hamisu Abdullahi, who spoke on behalf of the marketers, expressed worriness to FARMERS VOICE NG. He emphasized the urgent need for the marketers to be resettled, given the growing size of the market and the increasing number of customers across states of the Federation.

Malam Hamisu During an Interview with Farmers Voice NG

Our Correspondent learnt that, the current temporary site consists of flimsy stalls and tents that fail to provide adequate protection for the maize and other agricultural produce. Consequently, the marketers are constantly worried about the safety of their goods, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

Hamisu revealed that they have previously approached Mustapha Bala, the Chairman of Kura LGA, requesting a 3-hectare government-owned land situated a short distance from the current Karfi maize market.

“The land we are advocating for is in close proximity to the Kano State Sports Institute, Karfi. It is not far from our market,” Hamisu explained.

He further disclosed that during their initial proposal, the chairman expressed willingness to consider their request.

Women at Karfe Maize Market

Hamisu noted that “Subsequent attempts to meet with him were unsuccessful as he was indisposed due to illness. The marketers continued their business operations without progressing through the official channels”.

The marketers acknowledged the goodwill of Alh. Ibrahim Bassa, the landlord of Gundutse, who has accommodated them on his property for more than two decades.

However, due to administrative hurdles in securing the identified suitable location nearby, they are now appealing to Governor Abba for intervention in facilitating their relocation.

Despite the limited space at Karfi Maize Market, it achieves an annual maize sale worth N200 million, according to information gathered by FARMERS VOICE NG.

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