Subsidy Removal: Irrigation Farmers May Lose Millions in Yobe State

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By Abdulkadir Haladu Kiyawa

The hike in fuel pump prices that inflates the price of fertilizer has put the farmers of Yobe State in limbo and a tight hole. The farmers lamented this while appealing to the state as well as the Federal government for support due to the huge investment they have made before the season starts.

In their conversation with Farmers Voice, some of the seasonal farmers lamented their grievances by saying that the price hike would make the situation difficult for their business next season.

According to the farmers, the biggest challenge they are facing is channeling the water from canals to their farms with a pumping machine, which would not be realistic because of the hike in the price of petrol.

Adamu Yusuf Barde, a rice farmer in Potiskum local government of Yobe State, states that before the petroleum problem, the challenges were not much, but now the situation has worsened to the point that their crops have started to deteriorate due to the absence of proper care.

He said, “Even the laborers working for us on the farm were unable to reach the farm due to the increase in fuel prices.” Therefore, we call on the government to look into the situation and help us overcome it.”

“I have invested a lot of money in my farm where I grow rice. If I do not find a solution, I will lose more than one million, and there are many farmers who will also lose a significant amount of money,” he said.

Various challenges are putting the farmers into a quagmire since the subsidy removal, as the prices have skyrocketed, with fuel now selling at N530 per litre, up from N195.

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