KAROTA Bursts Group Illegally Renewing Date of Expired Liquid Fertilizer in Kano

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The Kano Road and Traffic Agency (KAROTA) has intercepted a large number of expired liquid fertilizer in Kano state undergoing date renewal illegally.

According to a video making rounds on social media, the suspects identified themselves as Enoch Daniel, Promise, and Langila respectively.

One of the suspects disclosed to KAROTA’s Managing Director, Engr. Faisal Mahmud Kabir, that they are from Plateau state and are in Kano purposely to work on date renewal on stickers of the expired liquid fertilizer.

He further explained that the fertilizer expired since 2020 and they are working on increasing the expiry date to 2027 so as to distribute to Kano markets.

Engr. Kabir expressed delight for intercepting the mischievous event, noting that if it had passed unnoticed and distributed to markets, it would have resulted in a negative impact on farmlands, food products, and several produce that heavily rely on fertilizer, and by extension affect the health status of consumers.

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