Ruwanseyin marketers call for national and foreign strategic partnership

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Aminu Halilu Tudun Wada

Association of Ruwanseyin marketers under the leadership of Alhaji Bukar Mado Donga, call for the strategic partnership with national and foreign Agricultural development partners for the sustainable Farming as well Agribusiness.

The Ruwanseyin market which has been in existence since 1970s, is located in Donga local government area of Taraba state, along with Kurmi local government.

In a conversation with FARMERS VOICE NG, Alhaji Bukar Mado Donga , said their is need to impact the vast majority of the rural farmers and marketers of the Market , with necessary skills and requisite knowledge in line with modern world so as to overcome development challenges.

“We are lagging behind in terms of effective innovations, ideas and productivity , business enterprises which we owe it to lack of Support , Training and above all knowledge and technical know how”.

“In view of this on behalf of all our marketers and rural farmers we called and solicited the collaboration of Taraba state government, Federal and Foreign Agricultural agencies and experts to come in to our rescue so that we can compete with other not only within the country or the continent but rather globally ” as stated by Bukar Mado Donga.

The Ruwanseyin market is well known for Palm oil, Crops, and other Agricultural products.

Farmers go there to sell their produce, which includes but not limited to Vegetables, Fruits, Livestock, Onions, Dried Fish, Fresh Produce, and Cash Crops.

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