Farmers in Bauchi Hold Rain Prayer Amid Delay and Water Shortage

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In response to a scarcity of rainfall during the 2023 farming season, hundreds of farmers in the Jama’are local government area of Bauchi state gathered on Tuesday at the township eid prayer ground to perform a rain prayer.

The chief Imam of Jama’are local government, Sheikh Haris Dauda, stated that praying for rain is a tradition (sunnah) of Prophet Mohammed, through which Muslims seek to beseech God for soil revival.

He added that praying for rain signifies acknowledging one’s faults and asking for forgiveness. The prayer gathering attracted a diverse crowd, including adults, children, women, and men.

The Jama’are emirate council, under Nuhu Ahmad Wabi, called for the rain prayers due to the persisting scarcity of rainfall.

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