Allocate 20 % budget to Agriculture, Kano farmers task Federal government

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By Aminu Halilu Tudun Wada

Clusters of farmers association that have umbrella across the 44 Local government areas of the Kano state , under the banner of ‘We Farm the Food’ call on for the Federal government to invest and allocate 20%, of its budget to Agriculture for gross domestic product and economic transformation.

Chairman of the state ‘We Farm the Food’ Bako Ibrahim Sabo, made this call in a one day capacity building seminar tagged ‘Mu koma Gona’ in Hausa which means Let go back to the farms , held at Dagumawa , Wudil Local government area of Kano, primarily aimed to educate the farmers and boost their morale despite the set backs they are encountering.

Bako Sabo, added that predecessors governments neglect the Agricultural sector despite the numerous plans and Programmes for Agriculture, but they are merely on paper rather than practical.

” Irrigation scheme have been severely reduced due to the excessive cost , which endanger livelihoods of thousands of people ,the authority need to comes to boost the capacity” insinuate Bako Sabo.

” There is possible drought and famine threats across the state and nationwide , also last year low crop yields in some areas still continue to have ripple effects , we are in danger of drought ravaged food insecurity, which need broad based development to salvage the flight of the rural farmers”.

The veteran farmer and Agriculturalist call on for the incoming federal administration to invest heavily in Agriculture, which he suggests that it should allocate 20% of its budget to Agriculture , to close the gap and compete globally as Agriculture remains one of the economy most important driving sector.

Rural farmers that participate at the event , lament the obstacle they are facing ranging from obsolete and outdated mechanized farming tools,to high cost of fertilizer, shortage of ADP’s and Agricultural extension workers, lack of know how and usage of seeds and crops and others , which they called for routine of the seminar/workshop/capacity building as it improve their knowledge as well as bridging the gap.

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