Subsidy Removal: FG Unveils Agricultural Program to Address Hardship

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By Rabiu Musa

…….Plans N200 Billion Investment to Boost Agriculture, Support Smallholder Farmers, and Enhance Food Security

In a bid to strengthen Nigeria’s agricultural sector, Federal Government has unveiled plan to support cultivation of 500,000 hectares of farmland.

This, according to the government, will enhance food security, and empower smallholder farmers across the nation.

This was made known in a national broadcast held on Monday’s evening by President Bola Ahmad Tinubu.

The President acknowledged the ongoing economic challenges faced by Nigerias and emphasized the pivotal role of agriculture in overcoming the hurdles.

He said “The agricultural program seeks to revitalize the sector and harness its potential to drive economic prosperity”

To this light, “N200 billion investment will be strategically allocated, out of the N500,000 approved by the National Assembly”.

In specific, the President said, “N50 billion was earmarked to cultivate N150,000 hectres of rice and maize, while another N50 billion was allocated to cultivate N100,000 hectres of wheat and cassava”.

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