Subsidy Removal: Food Prices Soar in Kano

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By Rabiu Musa

The rising cost of commodities and other condiments occasioned by the recent subsidy removal has generated mixed reactions among residents in Kano state.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), had on Wednesday, 31st May, 2023 announced an upward review in the pump price of petroleum, which was previous being sold at N260 but now dispensed at N560 per litre.

The new price of the premium motor spirit has led to a fresh surged in food prices which were obviously pushing a basic meal beyond the reach of the poor families, who were also struggling with the hike in transport fare in the commercial city of Kano, Farmers Voice has learnt.

Prices of basic food ingredients have recorded significant increase in Kano major markets, food producers, consumers and traders across supply chain revealed to Farmers Voice NG.

A market survey in Kano metropolis revealed that the price of some commodities had abruptly doubled. In Tarauni market, foreign variety of rice which was sold at N39,000 has now jumped to N42,000, depending on the quality of the product, while fresh local rice sells between N34,000 to N36,000.

In Dawanau market, the sack of Millet containing 40 measures, previous sold at N22,000 now sells at N30,000 while sack of Corn containing 40 measures sold at N23,000 now sells at N34,000. The sack of Maize of 40 measures, previously sold at N23,000 has now been sold at N34,000.

Similarly, the price hike has also affected the market of condiments. A visit to the Yankaba vegetable market, one of the biggest perishable food hubs in Kano, reveals a surge in the prices of tomatoes, pepper and onions.

Farmers Voice NG gathered that a medium basket of Tomato sold at N5000 surged to N38,000 while sack of onion sells for N7000 is now N15,000. The price of pepper sells at N5000-N6000, now skyrocketed to N15,000 and N23,000 depending on its type.

In Sabon Gari market, Ibrahim Idris, 35, who sells foodstuffs told Farmers Voice NG that the rate at which food prices are increasing on daily basis is very scary in view of the sudden drop in consumers’ purchasing power.

He said ‘’discrepancies in foreign exchange rates continue to affect markets prices, noting that with the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria, the cost of production and transportation has been greatly affected which in turn determine the prices of commodities.

Another trader in Sabon Gari market who gave his name as Sani Makole, 47, said the way prices of food items have doubled in the last few weeks is very discouraging.

He lamented that ‘’due to the food hike in foodstuff prices, some of his customers cannot afford to purchase the quantity of food they used to buy’’.

He further called on government at all levels to put inflationary measures in place to cushion the effect of the fuel subsidy removal.

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