Kano: Mysterious Disease Threatens Tomato Farming in Bunkure

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As the tomato season in Kano State approaches its end, tomato farmers in Bunkure LGA, a region known for agricultural excellence, are battling with a strange and destructive disease that threatens their livelihoods.

Ali Ali is a dedicated tomato farmer in the region according to a report by DAILY NEWS 24 whose farm has been attacked by this devastating disease and has continued to spread. Therefore killing his hope of recovery.

The disease initially appears as small circular indented areas on ripening tomatoes, which later darken, resembling rust. Despite Ali’s attempts to combat the disease with various pesticides, his remedies prove ineffective in the thin air of Kano.

“In Bunkure, Zanya community, we have faced a serious challenge with regards to tomato farming this rainy season. And aside from that, we have sprayed pesticides, but that does not work. The problems we face are enormous,” he lamented.

Ishaka Inuwa, another farmer in the area, faces similar challenges on his farm. However, with increased pesticide usage, he has witnessed a gradual improvement in his tomato crops. The plantations regain their vibrant green color as the blister-like dots disappear, signifying a partial recovery.

These challenges came after Bunkure’s farmers endured a relentless assault from the tuta absoluta pest in the previous tomato season, leaving them pleading for the government’s intervention to alleviate their struggles.

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