President Tinubu Unveils Ambitious Plans to Transform Agricultural Sector

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By Mustapha Salisu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has outlined his ambitious plans for the agricultural sector in Nigeria, pledging to prioritize its development and modernization.

The announcement was made during Tinubu’s inaugural address as the 16th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, delivered today (Monday, May 29, 2023) at Eagles Square in Abuja.

In his speech, President Tinubu acknowledged the vital role of agriculture in Nigeria’s economy and emphasized the need for comprehensive reforms to harness its potential fully.

According to Tinubu “Rural incomes shall be secured by commodity exchange boards guaranteeing minimal prices for certain crops and animal products. A nationwide programme for storage and other facilities to reduce spoilage and waste will be undertaken.

“Agricultural hubs will be created throughout the nation to increase production and engage in value-added processing. The livestock sector will be introduced to best modern practices and steps taken to minimize the perennial conflict over land and water resources in this sector.

“Through these actions, food shall be made more abundant yet less costly. Farmers shall earn more while the average Nigerian pays less” President Tinubu disclosed.

The President concluded his address by calling on all Nigerians to join him in making Nigeria a more perfect nation and democracy such that the Nigerian ideal becomes and forever remains the Nigerian reality.

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