NACOTAN President Advises Cotton Farmers Ahead Of 2024 Cropping Season

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The President of the National Cotton Association of Nigeria (NACOTAN), Anibe Achimugu, has advised farmers and other major players in the industry to plan adequately and seek alternatives to high-cost input ahead of 2024 crop farming.

The president gave the charge in an exclusive session with AgroNigeria.

According to him, “Farmers need to look inwards and especially around them to identify what they require and have access to in preparation for the 2024 cropping season.

“I mean to make up their minds early that they will cultivate cotton in the 2024 season, so therefore, plan ahead of time with their immediate stakeholders deciding the portion of their land they will commit to cotton, order crops by making sure they have looked at every angle internally and externally that will ensure their success.

“They must identify what is available within their environment which they can use as substitute inputs due to the high cost of farming inputs now”.

He noted that the association would provide training in the use of naturally available items such as cow urine, manure, chicken droppings, and neem extract, to those interested, adding that support would be given to the most effective and cheaper means of growing cotton.

Speaking further, he explained that early planning and sourcing of critical inputs such as cotton seeds are key to a successful farming season for farmers.

He revealed that the cotton industry has the potential to increase the country’s economy if well managed and funded.

He therefore called for the intervention of the government and other concerned stakeholders to engage in the sector to promote a comparative advantage in cotton production, processing, and trading.

His words: “The cotton industry remains one of the best ways of alleviating poverty and has the potential of contributing significantly to the country’s GDP, creating massive employment, creating wealth, generating significant foreign exchange, and saving foreign exchange, just to mention a few.”

“It makes absolute sense for the federal government, state governments, local governments, businessmen, businesswomen, and farmers to engage in one way or the other in the CTG sector.

“We have identified that out of Nigeria’s 36 states, 33 grow and can grow cotton, meaning that Nigeria potentially can develop a comparative advantage in cotton production, processing, and trading with a pinpoint and concerted effort.

“Nigeria has no business in spending over 5 billion dollars each year on textile imports, and neither does Nigeria have a reason to have such huge unemployment numbers with thousands of our well-able young men and women seeking greener pastures outside our shores. This is the time to act, given the way the world is evolving. Nigeria cannot afford to ignore the CTG sector.”

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