Kano farmer urges gov’t to prioritize agriculture, seeks support for modern technology

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By Hadiza Musa Yusuf

A Kano rice farmer has advised Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf prioritized farming as one of the cardinal focus areas of his administration and support farmers to deploy modern technology for optimum production.

The farmer, Mal. Ahmad Jinjiri, gave the advise in an exclusive interview with Farmers Voice NG, at Kura area council of Kano.

Born into a family of farmers, Jinjiri who doubles as a teacher noted that agriculture is the soul of every nation, hence the dire need to prioritize in Kano for sustainable development.

He said, “One of the major problems bedeviling Kano, and Nigeria by extension is hunger, and when there’s hunger in a land, there may be insecurity.

“Kano is blessed with fertile soil and vast land which in most cases are not been utilized for maximum productivity. He said It is high time the government invests more in agriculture for the progress of our dear state.”

Speaking on technology, Jinjiri stated that while farmers in developed countries have seamlessly integrated modern technology into farming, in Kano, knowledge and adaptation of technology are very meager.

He said, “In Kura, the only modern technology employed by rice farmers was the use of combine harvester, the rest is done manually. From planting to other farming activities.

“It is disheartening to see young girls and boys resorting to manual labor just to sustain themselves.”

The farmer highlighted the need for government assistance in providing modern farming technology to enhance productivity.

By analyzing the statistics, Jinjiri estimated that when modern technology is incorporated into farming, it will surface wealth and speedy processes of farming.

“Already, without the technology, one hectare of land can yield between 40 to 60 bags of rice under optimal conditions, without pest infestations.”

Jinjiri envisioned a future where the adoption of modern technology in agriculture would enable farmers to unlock their full potential.

Kano State, renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, has long been associated with farming. Within the state, Kura Local Government (LG) stands out as a prominent hub for rice cultivation.

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