Kano Agro Project Aims for Mechanization with KSADP-SAA Intervention

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The State Project Coordinator, Kano State Agro-Pastoral Development Project, KSADP, Ibrahim Garba Muhammad, has tasked Sasakawa Africa Association, to focus more on mechanization under the KSADP-SAA grains value chain intervention.

He said the essence is to improve the production efficiency of smallholder farmers, enhance food security, and generally promote the sustainability of the agricultural system.

The Project Coordinator further underscored the need for SAA to encourage private and financial sector involvement in the intervention to enable the farmers to access credit facilities and other forms of support.

“We want a situation whereby our farmers will be doing farming as a business and not just to feed themselves. This cannot be achieved without the support of financial institutions,” he said.

He made the call while receiving the Director for Strategic Partnership, SAA, Dr. Mel Olouch, who visited him at the KSADP office in Kano.

He was particularly happy that the partnership between KSADP and SAA was delivering positive outcomes in many areas such as capacity building of extension agents and regenerative agriculture, hoping the trend will be maintained.

“Very soon, we will have our mid-term review for the project, and we hope that during that time, we will be able to look at areas where we need to make improvements so that the goal of this project can be achieved,” he maintained.

In his remarks, Dr. Mel Olouch noted that the KSADP has been internationally acknowledged as an impactful project, pointing out the need for the Kano state government to ride on the achievements recorded by the project to access more development support from the Islamic Development Bank and other donors.

“KSADP will fold up in the next two years, so we need to start thinking two years in advance. There is a lot of money set aside by international donors to support agricultural development in Africa, and the government can leverage the goodwill created by KSADP to attract more funds to the state.

He proposed a strategic meeting between his organization and KSADP to see which areas need to be prioritized to scale up the achievements recorded under the technical cooperation.

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