FG supports Kaduna farmers with cowpea inputs

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The Federal Government has distributed cowpea starter packs (inputs) to smallholder farmers and extension agents in Kaduna.

Addressing the distribution event in Kaduna on Sunday, Mrs. Dorathy Botar from the Department of Agricultural Extension Services within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development expressed that the federal government’s intention was to motivate both farmers and extension agents to engage in extensive cowpea cultivation.

Botar who supervised the distribution, noted that, “it is currently the period for planting cowpea and that it was why the FG distrbuted the inputs as emergency empowerment.”

She said the inputs distributed were emergency empowerment of the farmers and extension agents which is simultaneously carried out across the Northwest, Northeast and North Central region.

Botar clarified that the period for planting many crops has passed due to the nearing conclusion of the rainy season.

She emphasized that now is the ideal moment to plant cowpea.

“Cowpeas are planted in July and first week of September, so it is a good timing, 38 beneficiaries will be given the starter packs including extension agents and the farmers.

“The present leadership of the ministry is interested in improving farming, so the farmers should get ready because many of such programmes will be coming your way,”she said.

Botar urged the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the inputs, noting that sometimes they sell them, while assuring them of more benefit when they make use of it.

“The farmers and extension agents are already given the fertilizer and herbicides, making it a pre and post inputs, therefore nothing should make them sell them, all they need do is cultivate and make use of it.

“Doing so will reduce poverty and ensure food security,”she said.

While speaking, the State Coordinator of ministry, Dr Timkat Nanfa, said the state of cowpea farming in Kaduna is discouraging, noting that with inputs, farmers would have increased yield.

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