Culinary Business: The Making of Female Graduate in Spices Production

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By Hadiza Yusuf Musa

Sadiya Ilu, 32, a female graduatate from Bayero University, Kano, detoured from her educational career to make a difference in culinary business.

The young female CEO of Safal Spices NG, veered in to the spicy production and has been making an essential contribution to the sector.

Sadiya, who studied Industrial Chemistry revealed to Farmers Voice NG in an exclusive interview, that her journey into spice production began as a caterer.

She said, ” I’m a caterer by professional, so i can say spices are the secret to my meals, because i use them very well, I became interested in producing mine.

“As time goes on, people complement my dishes and ask for recipes, i got motivated to start selling the same spices”.

The mother of two added that she plant some spices herself while getting others from the market.

“I plant spices like Mint, Lemongrass, parsley at home among others”.

“After buying the whole spices, I used to make sure that i clean them thoroughly to remove unwanted debris, dry the leaves before mixing them to the desired recipes”.

“My spices are 100% natural, no additives, no artificial flavors or colours,” she added.

She further revealed that her company produces spice blends such as Safal Delight (All purpose), Grill Delight for grilling, Curry Delight, Italian Delight, Tea Delight, Arabian Baharat, Jamaican Jerk among others.

While speaking on some of her challenges, she revealed that, “the fluctuating prices of raw materials and packaging supplies, is a major challenge, because this directly impacts my profit margins.

“To overcome this, i made strategic pricing adjustments, ensuring that my products remain accessible to customers.”

“My spices do not only add more flavour to food but are medicinal,” she added

She revealed that she aspires to own a Spice Manufacturing Company in the nearest future.

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