Kano Farmers Call for Subsidized Fertilizer to Boost Food Security

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Farmers in Bargi community of Kiru local government area, Kano state, have urged the federal and state governments to provide fertilizers and inputs at subsidized rates to boost agricultural productivity and enhance food security.

Malam Adamu Na Tabawa, who spoke with Farmers Voice NG, today Thursday at Bargi, insisted that the government must support local talents instead of frustrating them with unrealistic policies.

He added that the government should start planning ahead, set achievable targets, and believe in its ability to achieve them.

“The basic challenges we are facing as farmers are the lack of fertilizers and tractors for large-scale farms,” he said. “It is the major responsibility of the government to provide fertilizers to all communities in Nigeria.”

He appealed to the government to stop giving money to farmers in the name of empowerment and instead make available the necessary inputs they need to explore their full potential.

Auwal Hassan, a farmer, said many of the previous governments failed to prioritize the development of agriculture, especially in providing subsidies for farm inputs to rural farmers.

He added that today farmers were left with the option of either abandoning their plantations or looking for possible ways to get soft loans to buy fertilizer.

“We need urgent intervention, else a lot of farmers will abandon farming due to the high cost of fertilizers and inputs.”

Farmers Voice NG’s recent investigations show that a 50kg bag of Urea fertilizer is currently priced at N37,000, with NPK 10:10 and NPK 15:15 selling at N38,000 and N40,000 respectively.

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