Maize Shortage Pushes Kano Poultry Sector to the Brink of Collapse

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The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) chairman for Kano State, Umar Usman Kibiya, has raised an alarm over the impending collapse of the local poultry industry due to a severe shortage of maize, a key component of animal feed.

In an interview with newsmen, Umar Usman Kibiya revealed that rising prices of feed and maize have pushed numerous Kano poultry farmers to contemplate shutting down their businesses.

The scarcity and subsequent price hikes of maize have been driven by intense competition among confectionery companies, local consumers, and the animal feed sector.

The situation which has been worsened by the increasing costs of importing maize compelled Umar Usman Kibiya to express concern over the shift some farmers have made toward local poultry production, as it involves the use of less expensive feed.

“Maize has become a highly sought-after commodity, with prices surging from N23,000 to over N33,000 at the Dawanau International Grain Market. Fortunately, certain companies have stepped in to supply maize, averting a complete scarcity,” Umar Usman Kibiya disclosed.

Highlighting the vital role of maize in both poultry and animal feed production, as well as its significance as a food source in northern Nigeria, the chairman emphasized the critical nature of the issue.

Recent checks in the state unveiled that poultry feed prices have surged to between N8,000 and N10,500 per 25kg bag, depending on the brand.

The abrupt price increases have prompted a chorus of concern among poultry farmers in Kano State.

Some farmers have reported a staggering 30 percent surge in poultry feed prices earlier this year, significantly impacting business operations and threatening the entire poultry value chain.

These farmers urgently called upon the government to intervene and address their plight. Additionally, they stressed the importance of ensuring security for farmers and their farms, as this is vital to sustaining uninterrupted production.

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