IT Expert Urges Kano Farmers to Embrace Smart Farming Techniques

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By Mustapha Salisu

Kano state farmers have been urged to embrace smart farming techniques by Engr. Suhail Sani Abdullahi, an Information Technology (IT) expert from the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD).

Suhail emphasized the importance of understanding the benefits and methods of implementing smart farming techniques to simplify farming activities in the region.

According to Suhail, farmers can acquire smart farming knowledge through workshops, training programs, and the dissemination of educational materials.

He highlighted the use of modern technologies such as sensor-based irrigation systems, weather monitoring devices, soil sensors, and drone technology for crop monitoring, which can significantly improve the farming process in Kano.

To support his claims, Abdullahi referred to a video documentary by CRI Hausa, showcasing the province of Shouguang in China as a leading region in the vegetable farming industry due to its effective utilization of technology for research and production.

FARMERS VOICE NG gathered from the documentary that farmers in Shouguang cultivate vegetables within glass houses, with the assistance of robots performing tasks ranging from clearing and planting to harvesting and fertilizing. Remarkably, the entire farming process in the glass houses is controlled through a mobile application, with no human intervention.

Thanks to the integration of modern technology, Shouguang province, previously plagued by high poverty rates, has emerged as one of the top four regions globally in vegetable production.

It reportedly produces a minimum of 10,000 tons of vegetables daily, which are then transported to large processing centers. From there, the vegetables undergo processing and distribution to various industries and consumer markets for final consumption.

Suhail stressed that a similar success story can be achieved in Kano state if the government focuses on improving infrastructure in rural areas, allowing farmers to access and effectively utilize smart farming technologies.

He called for collaboration and knowledge sharing among farmers, researchers, and agricultural experts facilitated by government agencies, NGOs, and technology companies.

“These collaborations can foster innovation and the exchange of best practices” the IT expert disclosed.

Suhail further appealed to the government, philanthropists, and financial institutions to provide financial support and investment opportunities for farmers interested in adopting smart farming techniques.

“By doing so, Kano state can witness a significant transformation in its agricultural sector, leading to increased productivity and improved livelihoods for farmers” stated Suhail.

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