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The world population is fast growing and there is the need for people to engage more into agricultural practices in order to cater for the teeming population needs. Even with the above factor, governments of nations, business enterprises, individuals and companies are not putting much concern in agricultural production despite the hidden wealth in it that needs to be tapped.
Nigeria’s continued neglect of its agricultural sector is costing a loss of about $10 billion to its economy every year, a statement made by a senior Agricultural Economist with the World bank, Adetunji Oredipe, while speaking at Sterling Bank’s agriculture summit in Abuja on September 6 th , 2019. He further described the country’s neglect as a calamity and disaster. He also urged governments at all levels to diversify the country’s economic base by investing in the development of the country’s agricultural sector. (premium Times sept. 6, 2019).

The importance of agriculture cannot be overemphasized as it impacts the society in many ways, which may include but not limited to supporting lively hoods through provision of food, shelter and employment opportunities, raw materials for food and other products, and building stronger economies through trade. It ensures constant food supply and food security for the population and also ensures the workforce are fed with energy to supply labor industries and other economic sectors.

Agriculture is a sector that establishes the industrialization framework through supplying raw materials for industries for example hides and skin for leather industries, timber for paper and furniture making industries and so on.

Agriculture serves as a source of generating foreign currency through the export of agricultural products to other countries. Also, it creates employment opportunities to the population through farming, business and research activities therefore raising the standard of living of individuals and economies.
During the first republic, Nigeria witnessed massive development in agricultural produce which served as the major source of income to the country (groundnut and cotton) and even led to the discovery of oil but sadly it was later abandoned with the discovery of oil.

The sector has remained neglected over a period of time which hinders large production of agricultural produce to the teeming population. If harnessed properly, agriculture will be the modern-day source of income not only to individuals but to large conglomerates and governments of nations. According to Thomas Jefferson “agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness”;. This quote is attributed to Thomas Jefferson, who was the third President of the United States. He wrote these words in a letter to George Washington in 1787.

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