MAAN Unveils Plan to Generate 1 Million Jobs Through PPP Model

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The Maize Association of Nigeria (MAAN) announced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at creating one million jobs nationwide through the Private Public Partnership (PPP) Model.

Dr. Abubakar Bello, the President of MAAN, unveiled this ambitious plan during the official launch of the ‘2023 Wet Season Maize Farming and Input Distribution’ event in Katsina State.

The PPP model adopted by MAAN aims to synergize efforts between the private sector and the government to achieve food self-sufficiency while also combatting youth unemployment and unrest across the country.

“We are committed to playing our part in achieving food security and empowering our youth. Through the PPP approach, we will contribute significantly to our nation’s prosperity,” stated Dr. Abubakar Bello.

Emphasizing their dedication to making the most of government policies, Dr. Bello highlighted MAAN’s readiness to leverage all available opportunities for the benefit of its members and the nation as a whole.

The President of MAAN also took pride in the association’s accomplishments thus far. Notably, 360 young tractor operators have been employed, and modern machinery has been procured to enhance the productivity of its members.

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