Suspected Case of Rabies Infection Raises Concern among Kaduna Residents

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The Veterinary Doctors Association, Kaduna state chapter, has issued a warning to residents, urging them to take precautions following a suspected case of rabies infection in the state.

Dr Khalifa Aliyu, Chairman of the association, made this announcement in a statement released to the press, highlighting the concerning situation of a teenage boy currently hospitalized at the Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital in Kaduna.

Dr Aliyu expressed his concerns, stating, “The patient has exhibited symptoms consistent with rabies infection, including biting humans, objects, papers, wood, and tongue thrusting along the street.”

Further investigation revealed that the young boy had come into contact with a rodenticide and had subsequently consumed his food without washing his hands.

“We hereby call on the general public to exercise caution around stray dogs in that vicinity and to promptly report any dog bites to the nearest government clinic or the Ministry of Agriculture,” urged Dr Aliyu.

He assured the public that all necessary measures have been implemented to prevent the further spread of the virus, and added that the patient’s condition remains stable.

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