Sallah Festival: Customers Groan over Scarcity, Increased Price of Vegetables in Kano Markets

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By Mustapha Salisu

As the Eid-el-Kabir festival draws closer, customers in major markets across Kano state are continuing to express their dissatisfaction with the scarcity and skyrocketing prices of vegetables.

Responding to these complaints, FARMERS VOICE NG correspondent visited the popular Yankaba market, renowned for its significant trade in vegetable produce.

Haj. Larai Umar, a customer who spoke to our reporter, revealed that she visited the market today to purchase ingredients and vegetables in preparation for the upcoming Sallah festivities on Wednesday, June 29, 2023.

Larai expressed shock upon hearing the price of a basket of tomatoes, which ranged from N35,000 to N38,000.

“I couldn’t afford to purchase the entire basket, so I had to wait for other customers with similar purchasing power as mine to arrive. We teamed up and bought a basket of tomatoes, which we later shared among ourselves,” she lamented.

Our correspondent also approached Alh. Umar Kabiru, another customer who expressed concerns about the scarcity of certain vegetables, particularly during festive periods like Sallah.

He suggested that year-round vegetable production through the adoption of smart technologies such as greenhouses could alleviate the issues of scarcity and increased prices during this period.

Farmers Voice NG further obtained the prices of some vegetables in the market over the past three weeks.

Salim Ridwan Ayuba, a vegetable dealer, revealed the following price changes for various produce: Tattasai (local green pepper) – previously sold at N18,000, now sold at N35,000; tomatoes – previously sold at N40,000, now sold at N45,000; pepper – previously sold at N5,000, now sold at N27,000; potatoes – sold at N18,000; and onions, with prices ranging from N20,000, N15,000, and N8,000 depending on the bag’s size.

Ridwan attributed the price increase to the removal of fuel subsidies by the federal government.

“This has compelled vehicles transporting goods to raise their delivery prices, and as a result, not all drivers are willing to provide delivery services. Consequently, there is a scarcity of vegetables, forcing marketers to increase the prices of their produce” He revealed.

Ayuba appealed to the federal government to urgently intervene in their plight, as the number of customers patronizing the market is decreasing on a daily basis.

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