Onion Marketers in Kano Count Losses as Poor Storage Facilities, Land Expansion Plague Business

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Onion marketers at Gun-Dutse market of Kura Local Government Area, Kano State have lamented how poor storage facilities and inadequate land expansion has contributed to the decay of their onion produce leading to loss of profits.

The Gun-Dutse is a popular market which attracts buyers from various parts of Nigeria and neighbouring countries, such as Niger and Cameroon.

A trader who spoke to FARMERS VOICE NG disclosed that onions sold in the market are known for their high quality and taste as well as are in high demand both locally and internationally.

However, The trader laments that during the rainy season, they record huge losses amounting to millions of naira due to a lack of proper storage facilities.

Adding that, the market also needs more land to accommodate the growing number of traders and buyers as the current space is becoming overcrowded.

He also demonstrated that the traders are resilient and have found innovative ways to cope with the situation. “Some traders have resorted to renting storage space in nearby communities, while others have embraced modern storage techniques such as refrigeration” the trader revealed.

On his part, the Head of onion dealers at the Gun-Dutse market, Bala Ibrahim explained that there is a need for government to intervene in the plight of the marketers through the provision of modern storage facilities and tents.

“If there is an intervention, the onions will not only be exported to neighbouring countries from Nigeria but will reach the whole of Africa as well as some parts of Europe, and this will help the government in generating revenue” Bala disclosed.

FARMERS VOICE NG gathered that, the Gun-Dutse onion market is a bustling market which runs throughout the year with high sales recorded between November to January and April to June. The market also attracts a large number of buyers and sellers, especially youth between the ages of 18 to 45.

The onion market has been a source of livelihood for the people of Kura Local Government Area and its surrounding communities. It has provided employment opportunities for traders, transporters, and other service providers who benefit from the market’s activities.

The market has also boosted economic growth and development in the area, as it generates revenue for the government through taxes and other levies.

Isma’il Abdu Bichi

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