Nigerian Govt Urged to Support Snail Farming for Livelihoods

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Henry Etineh, CEO of Arapel Agro Farms Ltd, based in Warri, Delta state, highlighted the significance of snail farming in Nigeria during a recent interview with reporters over the weekend.

Etineh emphasized the economic potential of snail farming, noting, “With high demand and low supply, snail farming can significantly boost rural economies and provide employment opportunities.”

He stressed the need for increased investment in the sector, stating, “Investing in snail farming not only diversifies income sources but also contributes to food security and poverty alleviation.”

Mr. Etineh underscored the importance of government support for the snail farming industry, urging authorities to provide grants to snail farmers and to recognize snail rearing as a viable livelihood option in both rural and urban areas across Nigeria.

“Arapel Agro Farms aims to not only promote snail farming but also offer consultancy, training, and live snail sales as part of its agricultural business model,” Etineh mentioned.

According to Etineh, “In snail farming, slow and steady wins the race. It may not be the fastest route to success, but it’s a sustainable one.”

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