Livestock Fund Calls on Kano to Sustain Gwale Veterinary Reference Laboratory

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Donors from the Lives and Livelihoods Fund mission to Kano have urged the state government to ensure the sustainability of the Gwale Veterinary Reference Laboratory, constructed by the Agro-pastoral Development Project (KSADP).

“This laboratory is playing a key role in animal health protection by preventing and controlling livestock diseases,” noted Adil Al-Sharif, head of the mission. “It’s also important for human health because of the potential for animal-to-human disease transmission.”

Al-Sharif emphasized the state government’s responsibility for the facility’s proper management, highlighting its potential to benefit other Nigerian states.

Ibrahim Garba Mohammad, KSADP’s Project Coordinator, added, “Enhancing livestock health, productivity, and production enhancement is one of our project’s core objectives. The vet laboratory, the first owned by any state government in Northern Nigeria, is a key intervention in that regard.”

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