Kaduna Ginger Farmers Panic as Mysterious Disease Threatens Industry

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Ginger farmers in the Southern Kaduna region of Nigeria are battling with a severe fungal disease that is wreaking havoc on their crops in areas like Kagarko, Jaba, and Kachia.

This devastating outbreak has resulted in significant losses, prompting urgent appeals to the state government and key agricultural stakeholders for intervention to prevent further damage to the local ginger industry.

Mr. William Dogo, a ginger farmer in Kagarko Local Government Area, lamented substantial losses to his crops due to the disease, expressing frustration over the lack of government and stakeholder support.

Mrs. Helen Tanko, another ginger farmer in Jaba Local Government Area, emphasized the disease’s grave threat to the local ginger industry and suggested a possible link to climate change.

Nuhu Bagani Daudu, the National President of the Ginger Farmers Association, disclosed that the association is actively addressing the issue by submitting crop samples to relevant government bodies and research institutions.

However, he noted that this recurring fungal disease has intensified this year, inflicting significant damage on ginger production in the affected local government areas.

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