Insufficient policies impede agricultural transformation in Nigeria and other countries, warns AATF

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Dr. Canisius Kanangire, the Executive Director of the African Agriculture Technology Foundation (AATF), has emphasized the importance of having consistent and favorable agricultural policies to bring about transformation in Nigeria and Africa’s food systems.

According to him, the continent still has policies that are not conducive to the transformation needed in the agricultural sector.

The Executive Director noted that while heads of states have made commitments to transform agriculture into a financially viable sector, the actual development and implementation of policies and strategies to fulfill these commitments tend to progress slowly and sometimes diverge in different directions.

While speaking at a media interaction in Abuja, the AATF ED said, “I think that policies and regulatory frameworks have been quite slow in ensuring that we have the enabling environment that we need.

“The rate of adoption of biotechnology products is still very slow in Africa because of a lack of political will by policymakers.”

He further expressed that the progress in achieving transformation in agriculture remains limited due to the cumbersome and sluggish nature of policies and regulations, particularly in relation to seed variety registration.

“These processes not only entail technical challenges but also demand significant advocacy efforts and political support, which are currently lacking,” he added.

Kanangire called for the need for African countries to have a scorecard every two years on the progress made in the sector and should accelerate and adopt the changes that are needed to truly revolutionize agriculture.

Speaking on the newly launched country strategy for 2023-2027, he said the focus is to ensure that they continue to work to provide technological solutions that will address many challenges faced by farmers.

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