How Insecurity Thwarted My Ginger Farm Investment – Agric expert

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By Mustapha Salisu

Mal. Ahmad Hussain, an Agric expert and founder of Our Family Farm, shared his heart-wrenching tale of how insecurity in the form of banditry shattered his ambitious ginger farm investment in Kachia LGA, Kaduna state.

Speaking to FARMERS VOICE NG Correspondent, Mal. Ahmad expressed his concern about the escalating bandit attacks that have hindered farmers from safely tending to their crops, leading to an imbalance in farming production and adversely affecting the nation’s economy.

“The Our Family Farm initially embarked on a promising venture, securing a large land area with plans to increase ginger production, thanks to an arrangement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“Starting with a trial of 6 hectares of ginger, they achieved remarkable success, yielding nearly 40 tonnes of ginger” Hussain disclosed.

He also explained that driven to expand their production further, the firm invested heavily in the project by purchasing additional land. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when bandits drove them away from the area.

Prior to the disruptions, the farm had actively engaged and empowered the local community by sharing knowledge and techniques related to ginger farming.

“We exchanged experiences with them by teaching them how to produce ginger, and they, in turn, taught us about their production methods”

“We also trained the locals on proper accounting, so they could factor in their inputs accurately during crop deals”

“Tragically, all the investment made to prepare the land went to waste, as the farm now remains inaccessible due to ongoing insecurity” explained Mal. Ahmad.

Mal. Hussain lamented the situation, especially when the firm had potential investors from overseas willing to inject millions of dollars for production, processing, packaging, and exporting of their produce.

Highlighting the broader impact, the Agric expert emphasized the significant loss Nigeria is facing due to the prevailing insecurity.

He expressed hope that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration would take these security challenges seriously, as addressing them could reinvigorate farmers’ confidence and attract much-needed investment for the country’s economic growth.

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