Governor Bago Launches Distribution of Fertilizers, Agricultural Inputs to Farmers in Niger State

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Niger State Governor, Mohammed Umaru Bago, has launched the 2023 wet season sales and distribution of fertilizers and agricultural inputs at subsidized rates to farmers in the state.

The aim of the program, held in Minna, the state capital, is to boost agricultural activities and ensure food security as part of the government’s agricultural policy according to a press statement released to newsmen by Bologi Ibrahim, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Niger State.

During the event, Governor Bago emphasized the importance of fair and equitable distribution of the fertilizers and warned against fraudulent activities. Each beneficiary is entitled to 10 bags of fertilizers.

FARMERS VOICE NG gathered that to kickstart the program, 60,000 bags of fertilizers have been provided, with an additional 120,000 bags scheduled to be supplied later.

In addition to the fertilizer program, Governor Bago pledged to revive the Niger State Agricultural Mechanization Development Agency (NAMDA), formerly known as Agricultural Development Projects (ADP).

“The government plans to procure 300 tractors, allocating 10 tractors to each of the 25 local government areas, with the goal of maximizing agricultural potential in the state” he revealed.

Furthermore, Governor Bago announced a donation of 300 water pumping machines by the Bago Foundation, led by his wife Hajiya Fatima Umaru Bago. This contribution aims to enhance irrigation farming across the state.

Governor Bago encouraged all residents, especially civil servants and young people, to engage in farming and participate in the state’s agricultural plan. He acknowledged that the development agenda might cause temporary inconveniences but assured the public that it would ultimately benefit everyone.

Dr. Idris Usman Gbogan, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, explained that the state government had approved a 20% subsidy on 100 trucks (600 tonnes) of fertilizer.

The subsidized price for a 50kg bag of fertilizer is set at N18,000, lower than the market price of N24,000 to N30,000. Sales will be conducted at designated stores, with measures in place to ensure that only farmers facing resource constraints can benefit” Idris noted.

Dr. Usman Gbogan mentioned the monitoring teams responsible for overseeing the sales process, which include the Ministry, Local Government Directors of Agriculture, NAMDA Zonal officers, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), security operatives, and Sarkin Nomas.

The Permanent Secretary expressed gratitude to the Governor for his commitment to harnessing the state’s agricultural potential. He also appealed to the Governor to support the Ministry’s Buffer Stock Program, aimed at purchasing and storing grains in designated warehouses for later sale at lower prices than the open market.

Representatives from various organizations, including AFAN, USAID Feed the Future Extension Advisory, and Sarkin Noman Minna, commended Governor Bago for his dedicated efforts to develop and sustain agriculture in the state. They pledged continued support for government policies and programs.

During the event, Governor Bago symbolically presented the items to the beneficiaries, marking the official launch of the program.

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