Fuel price hike takes toll on Karfi maize marketers

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By Hadiza Yusuf Musa

The recent removal of subsidies on petroleum products has caused the price of maize in Karfi market to plummet, causing anxiety among farmers and their customers.

Hamisu Abdullahi, 35, the assistant secretary of the market, disclosed this to Farmers Voice NG on Saturday.

He said, “The removal of petroleum subsidies has affected our businesses as we are forced to increase the prices of maize for our customers to make a living.”

The secretary, who represented the chairman of Karfi market, Alhaji Inuwa, explained that before the removal of fuel subsidies, only a few knew what it meant.

He said, “Before, some people did not see the value of fuel subsidies. We always claimed it was not in our interest. We thought that it didn’t matter to us, but now we realize its worth.

“Previously, we used to buy petrol at 210 and we kept complaining, but now it’s no longer the same.

The father of seven added, “The distance a motorcycle or tricycle can take you to get your maize from the farm or farmers at a certain price has now doubled.

“We cannot sell at the rate at which we used to sell; we are forced to increase the prices for our customers.”

While disclosing the price of maize, he revealed that “A Mangala, which contains one and a half bags of maize, ranged from N7000 to N8000, depending on the circumstances, but now it is sold at N13,000 and above, while a bag of maize now costs N8000 to N9000.

Mal. Abdullahi called on the government to take immediate action to cushion the effects of the removal of fuel subsidies on farmers and customers.

On her part, a regular customer at Karfi market, Mrs. Hope Obi, who resides in Sabon Gari, disclosed that she is thinking of giving up her business.

She said, “I solely rely on corn roasting as a means of survival to take care of my children, and now everything is expensive.

“When you factor in the cost of transportation and the increase in maize, how much profit will you gain from selling the maize on the street?

“It has become really expensive; I am considering giving up,” she added.

Karfi market is located in Kura Local Government, Kano State. It is the biggest maize market in the state, serving not only customers within the state but also attracting people from different states.

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