Former Federal Lawmaker From Kano Finds Solace In Mango Farming

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A former member of the House of Representatives, Muntari Chiromawa, retired from politics, has dedicated himself to mango farming, transforming it into a lucrative venture.

According to Chiromawa, mango farming is rapidly emerging as a profitable enterprise in Kano State, with farmers turning to innovative methods to ensure year-round agricultural productivity.

Utilizing agroforestry practices, the lawmaker seamlessly combines mango trees with crops like Coco yam, Rice, and Turmeric, effectively optimizing land usage and enhancing income potential.

Furthermore, Muntari’s integration of bee farming beneath the mango trees showcases his commitment to maximizing revenue streams.

While mango farming offers sustained income due to its extended fruit-bearing life cycle and consistent market demand, farmers like Muntari face challenges.

Despite the industry’s growth and potential, limited access to financing, inadequate infrastructure, and market information gaps continue to hinder progress.

As the state’s agribusiness landscape expands, Muntari called on the government to support small-scale farmers towards overcoming these challenges and watch them contribute to the overall growth of the Nigerian economy.

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