Food security : AGRA to train more Farmers in Gombe, Nassarawa

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By Aminu Halilu Tudun Wada

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) pledge to train more Farmers in new innovations , farming skills in line with global standard in Gombe , Nassarawa and Oyo states.

Country director of AGRA, Dr Kehinde Makinde , asserted this to the newsmen , during the inspection of Demonstration Farms at Likoro Village in Kudan local government at Kaduna state, facilitated by National Agricultural Extension and research Liaison Services (NAERLS) in collaboration with AGRA.

According to Dr Kehinde apart from engaging over 900,000 Farmers nationwide the project will soon embark to permeate other states as part of its effort to enhance food production in Nigeria.

The country director added that already Farmers in Kaduna and Niger states are accosted and supported with new farming skills of Beans , Cowpeas, Maize and Rice as well as Vegetables for better adoptations to the environs.

Dr Kehinde ,lamented the worrying part of the set back the farmers are facing due to the climate changes , hence he said their is need for major concern in food production adapted to climate changes which farmers need to be well versed about the methods.

Furthermore he said since the coming of the project to the country in 2017, the target is to rebrand and change the farming techniques in the country so that Nigeria would rub the shoulder with global giants in Food Production.

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