Fertilizer Donation: Agric Minister Sues For Transparency, Accountability in Distribution

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Senator Abubakar Kyari, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, has called for a high level of transparency and accountability in the distribution of 33,000 metric tons of granular potash fertilizer generously donated by the Uralchem Group of Russia.

During a recent meeting of key stakeholders in Abuja, the minister emphasized the pivotal role of transparency in ensuring the efficient allocation of this significant fertilizer donation.

He stated, “The responsibility of receiving and effectively utilizing the donated potash fertilizer now lies with the stakeholders. I urge all parties involved to collaborate in assessing the availability of essential raw materials, determining the cost implications of fertilizer production, and establishing clear distribution procedures.”

Senator Kyari highlighted that the donated potash fertilizer would only benefit smallholder farmers when mixed with other components to create NPK fertilizer. He stressed that this blending process must adhere to rigorous transparency and accountability standards.

The Minister further announced the formation of two committees responsible for overseeing the upstream and downstream processes required to achieve the government’s goals of addressing pressing agricultural challenges faced by the country.

He equally assured that the government would persist in its efforts to mitigate the current food price crisis, promising that brighter days lie ahead for Nigeria’s agriculture.

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