Ahalson Nigeria in collaboration with FMAN produce Wheat Seed BAYOREGA ORO

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An Agricultural company based in Kano AHALSON NIGERIA, have launched new Wheat seed multiplication with planting of 10 hectares known as “BAROYEGA ORO” which has potential yield of about 6 Mt per hectare, at Jahun local government of Jigawa state recently.

The giant stride which was a partnership with Federal Ministry of Agriculture FMAN, was part of the Federal and state government efforts for self sufficiency on Wheat production in Nigeria.

AHALSON/FMAN Wheat project will cultivate 200 hectares through out-grower seed multiplication and expect to produce 1,200 metric tons of certified seed of the newly released, high yielding and heat tolerant wheat variety in Nigeria.

Also the project would cultivate 12,000 hectares or 30,000 acres.

At current EOP of N950,000 per hectare, the project will cost the partners and their farmers about N190 million, which the management has already put plans and strategies to achieve the intended goal between November and December 2023.

Ahalson in it’s part through the project overseers pledge to partner with ADP’s to drive agricultural transformation in Nigeria.

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