AfDB Announces Launch of Phase II for Staple Crop Processing Zone Project

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) has unveiled its plans to embark on the second phase of the transformative Staple Crop Processing Zone project (SCPZ).

During the inception workshop held in Abuja, AfDB’s Director General, Lamin Barrow, made the exciting announcement. He highlighted the remarkable success of the initial phase, which has prompted interest from 23 states eager to participate in this agricultural initiative.

“Among the states eager to join this agricultural transformation are Lagos, Anambra, Benue, Ekiti, Delta, Gombe, Ondo, Jigawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, Bayelsa, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Enugu, Osun, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba, and Borno” Lamin stated.

Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, President of AfDB, emphasized that SCPZ represents a pivotal change in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape. It aims to establish world-class infrastructure to boost food agribusinesses, foster competitive value chains, and facilitate logistics systems that promote food processing and value addition.

Barrow added that the SAPZs would help create massive wealth and jobs in rural areas and turn the areas away from being zones of economic misery to zones of economic prosperity.

The first phase of the project, initiated in 2022, is currently underway in seven states: Cross River (focusing on cocoa, rice, and cassava); Imo (specializing in beef and dairy livestock); Kaduna (with a focus on tomato, maize, and ginger); Kano (centered on rice, tomato, groundnuts, and sesame oil); Kwara (highlighting livestock); Ogun (emphasizing cassava, rice, poultry, and fisheries); and Oyo (concentrating on cassava, soybean, and rice).

“Additionally, it is being implemented in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, with an emphasis on beef and dairy livestock” he said.

The Director General explained that the selection of states for the first phase was based on their readiness and a desire to ensure equitable representation across Nigeria’s six geo-political zones.

Funding for the first phase, amounting to $538.05 million, is a joint effort between AfDB and key development partners.

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