AFAN urges SEEDAN to ensure quality seeds, work with farmers

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The All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) has urged the Seed Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria (SEEDAN) to always ensure the production of high-quality seeds and work with farmers across the country to guarantee food security.

The President, AFAN, Kabiru Ibrahim, said this at the 2023 annual general meeting and conference of SEEDAN in Abuja.

According to him, the seed entrepreneurs, as veritable members of AFAN, were not engaging with Nigerian farmers.

He said, “The industry is supposed to be very prosperous but our farmers do not buy seeds, rather a number of them plant grains. Why do you think that happens? It is because you (SEEDAN) are not there, you are not part of us.

“If you don’t produce good seeds, no farmer will buy your seeds.

“We have over 40 million farmers all over the country and if every farmer buys seeds of N5,000 from you, you will all be rich people.”

The AFAN president encouraged SEEDAN to take a more proactive approach to business growth.

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