AFAN Urges Farmers to Take Precautionary Measures Against the Looming Menace of Anthrax

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FOLLOWING tendencies of lowering guards down during disease outbreaks in the agricultural sector, the apex body of farmers in Nigeria, All Farmers Association of Nigeria, AFAN, Friday, warned farmers over the deadly nature of the Anthrax disease and asked them to apply preventive measures.

Speaking with Vanguard on the issue, the National President, AFAN, Arc Ibrahim Kabir, said the livestock subsector really needs protection because of the huge capital invested in it, hence there should be synergy between the livestock subsector operators and the government at this time that Anthrax is raging across the African continent.

Kabir further stated that members of AFAN who who are livestock farmers are to get in constant touch with the Federal and State Ministries of Agriculture including the Local Government Departments of Agriculture.

He said: “Anthrax is a deadly bacterial disease that affects animals and humans alike.

The Department of Pests and Diseases control of the FMARD released an alert about its occurrence in some West African countries recently but it’s not in Nigeria.

“To curb the spread of the disease the entry of animals across our borders must be carefully controlled by scrutinizing certificates of immunization and absence of diseased animals among herds.

“In-country the farmers are advised to take extreme care and to report coughing and fevers among the animals or those who tend them.

“There are ongoing campaigns to sensitize the livestock farmers generally and AFAN is in the forefront.

“Those AFAN members who rear livestock are in constant touch with the pest and disease control units of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, States’ Ministries of Agriculture and Local Government Area veterinary officers to safeguard their animals.”

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