AFAN Distributes Mobile Phone Loans to Farmers for Enhanced Access to Financial Services

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In a significant development aimed at improving the livelihoods of farmers across Nigeria, the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) partnered with Tingo Mobile to distribute mobile phones, facilitating access to cash loans and other essential services for farmers.

During the distribution event held at University of Abuja, AFAN’s national President, Dr. Farouk Rabiu Mudi, emphasized the mobile phones will enable farmers to access loans for agricultural inputs, insurance, airtime, data, and a host of other services crucial for their operations.

Dr. Mudi further explained that farmers can utilize the Tingo Nwaasa app, which offers a user-friendly platform to access the facilities. The app generates a unique USSD code after farmers enroll as members in AFAN Data Bank, allowing them to conveniently navigate the available financial services.

According to reports, the mobile phone loans have been provided to all Departments of Agriculture in Nigerian Universities, ensuring that farmers across the country have access to this transformative initiative.

Dr. Mudi encouraged all farmers in the country to take advantage of this opportunity by enrolling as members in AFAN Data Bank, thus enabling them to benefit from the mobile phone loans and associated services.

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