GIZ inaugurate Farmers Support Initiative FSI

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A German Agricultural development partners organization GIZ NIGERIA, inaugurate a steering thematic Networks representative of Agricultural expert that would help farmers across Kano and Kaduna , as well as Nigeria at large.

Farmers Voice NG, gathered that the experts would be working together physically or virtually , on the sustainability of GIZ and MVC, innovations that are working closely with farmers especially in the remote areas that lack adequate modern tools of mechanized farming, and innovations.

According to Muhammad Ubale of GIZ, the innovations can be practice and sustained in other Value chains of Agric not only Maize, as the main target is technology transfer , Knowledge sharing and sustainability of the innovations even without the possible presence of GIZ.

Farmers Support Initiative (FSI) will connect all the thematic networks to work together in supporting farmers through knowledge sharing , technology transfer , resource mobilization and many more.Also an organizational structure was created with well defined roles and responsibilities of each member.

The newly created initiative would be registered with CAC, so it can work independently in providing support to farmers by sustaining the existing GIZ, effort on Value chain actors .

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