2023 National Agric Show: Kano NG Cares Showcases Achievements

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The Kano CARES project showcased the new solar sprayer and Save 80 stoves for cooking at the 2023 National Agricultural Show in Nasarawa State on Thursday.

According to Shafa’atu Sa’id Karaye, the Communications and Media Officer for the Kano CARES project, these are all climate-smart products that reduce environmental pollution and save money for users.

She further added, ‘These climate-smart products are designed with innovative technology to minimize environmental impact while providing economic benefits to users.’

Karaye also emphasized that the combination of environmental benefits and economic savings makes the products crucial in promoting sustainability while benefiting consumers.

“The aim of showcasing these products is to introduce climate-smart solutions, especially those powered by solar energy, such as solar water pumps for irrigation, solar sprayers, and the Save 80 stoves. Additionally, value-added products like soy milk, sorghum popcorn, rice milk, and rice flour were exhibited, derived from improved seeds provided to farmers (maize, sorghum, rice, soybean, cowpea).” She revealed

“These products can significantly revive the economy of the poor and vulnerable by enabling them to start small businesses,’ said Karaye.”

The Kano CARES project also empowered the underprivileged with livestock (sheep, goats, and day-old chicks) to help them recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. Since its inception in 2022, the project has empowered over 15,000 households.

The National Agricultural Show was organized by the National Agricultural Foundation of Nigeria (NAFN) in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and the All Farmers Association of Nigeria.

The theme for the 2023 Agriculture Show is ‘Towards the Realization of the Presidential Declaration of Emergency on Food Security.’

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