Farmers Voice NG Champions Green Skills for Youth on International Youth Day

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Kano’s renowned agricultural newspaper, Farmers Voice NG, is embracing the global commemoration of International Youth Day, observed annually on August 12th.

Mr Buhari Abba Rano, Farmers Voice NG Online Editor, disclosed the newspaper’s participation in the celebration via a press statement issued to newsmen on Saturday.

With the theme, “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,” this year’s commemoration resounds with the newspaper’s dedication to advancing sustainable agricultural practices and empowering the youth in the realm of agriculture.

Aligned with the theme’s essence, Mr Buhari disclosed, Farmers Voice NG acknowledges the pivotal role played by young individuals in shaping the trajectory of agriculture and environmental responsibility.

Adding that the challenges posed by climate change, dwindling resources, and ecological decline escalate, the empowerment of youth with green skills and knowledge becomes imperative to safeguard an enduring future for generations ahead.

Rano explained through its comprehensive news coverage, insightful articles, and engaging features, Farmers Voice NG has persistently advocated for eco-friendly and sustainable farming methodologies.

He further elucidated that the platform has consistently spotlighted innovative strategies, technologies, and triumphs that underscore the transformative potential of green skills in revolutionizing agricultural landscapes.

“On this momentous occasion, heartfelt commendations are extended to the emerging cadre of young farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and activists whose unwavering dedication and endeavors are already contributing to a more sustainable world”

“Furthermore, a collective call for governmental bodies, institutions, and stakeholders to invest in educational initiatives, training programs, and mentorship endeavors that empower the youth with the proficiencies necessary to steer the transition towards a more sustainable and verdant agricultural sector” Mr Buhari noted.

According to the Editor, Farmers Voice NG also encourages individuals and entities alike to harness the momentum of International Youth Day, utilizing it as a platform to elevate awareness, share success narratives, and cultivate dialogues surrounding the pivotal role of green skills in realizing a sustainable global future.

“Join us in celebrating International Youth Day and supporting the theme of “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.” Together, we can cultivate a brighter and more sustainable future for agriculture and our planet” Mr Rano urged.

International Youth Day is observed to increase understanding of the obstacles and concerns encountered by young individuals worldwide, and to advocate for their untapped capabilities.

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