Yobe state government to improve Deep River Fishing in Juluri

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By Aminu Halilu Tudunwada

In their concerted effort to promote and boom the fish market in Juluri town of Bursari local government area of Yobe state and its outskirts , prominent figures and leaders pledge to improve infrastructure for deep sea farming and fishing sector within the Juluri River that gave livehood for the thousand of the sarrounding communities.

The River which was renowned for it’s rich potential in fishing sector has contributed significantly to the rural farmers as improved fishing by using some newly techniques developed locally was booming and making a larger profit by selling the fish within the state and nationwide by extension.

Speaking to the Farmers Voice NG , Muhammad Bulama of Juluri said they encountered an obstacle in the past as flood wrec havoc to the community without detecting it that cause people which constitute 85 percent of the domain count looses and abandon the fishing that leads to decrease and intensity of the activities there.

“We are very very happy with the outcome now due to the progress we are making via the new innovations that are locally made and cheap for our people to purchase and put it into use”.

“We want to set the bar high going extra mile , cross the extra river and climb that extra hills to ensure we compete with our counterpart in the country at large and make huge profit to gave our contribution for not only local and state economic development but rather national one and self dependent and security for our people, as we are vulnerable to the insurgent in the Northeast” narrate by Bulama.

On his part the chairman of the nearby markets collation centres Baana Grema Kachalla , indicate that there is still more to do as all hands must be on deck to pull more weight and row together in a quest to reach promised land.

“We don’t have the standard and enough storage facilities to keep our fishes for let say a week’s or month hence despite the boom this time around still some people count looses as we can’t accommodate everyone, but hopefully through our union and sub committees we set up to find and sort out this problem we would overcome it as soon as possible” as stated by Kachalla.

According to the leaders and local stakeholders the fishing sector market which was stretched to far Cameroun and Ndjamena in Chad Republic and Southern part of the country generate Millions of Naira with its soaring activities.

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