Women in Kano urged to adopt greenhouse farming

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An agriculture expert, Malam Rufa’i Halilu Ahmad, has called on women in Kano state to adopt greenhouse farming to boost food security in the country.

Rufa’i Halilu, who is the Head of the Delivery Unit of Kano Cares Fadama Project, told Farmers Voice NG on Thursday, July 27, 2023, in his office that the benefits of farming were enormous.

Greenhouse farming is an alternative method of farming where plants are cultivated in environmentally controlled structures or buildings, which in turn results in more agricultural yields.

“There is advancement in agric-technology that reveals that the less some plants are exposed to sunlight, the better and fresher they are for consumption.”

“Greenhouse farming, apart from its affordability, is environmentally friendly and an alternative healthy way of farming.”

“Food insecurity can be tackled when the nuclear family also adopts greenhouse farming to cultivate their basic vegetable needs,” he told Farmers Voice NG.

While calling on Kano women and young girls to embrace the various aspects of greenhouse farming, the expert said the knowledge would boost agricultural production in the country.

“I advise women, especially housewives and young girls, to adopt greenhouse farming technology; many are currently embarking on it.”

“Most countries are moving from parallel farming, which requires much land space, to horizontal farming, a product of greenhouse farming, where crops are cultivated in steps and layers,” he said.

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