Subsidy Removal: Expert Calls for Reform in Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector

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By Mustapha Salisu

In a bid to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal on farmers and attract investors to Nigeria’s agricultural sector, Malam Ahmad Hussain, an agricultural expert and founder of Our Family Farm, has called upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to establish a balanced distribution mechanism.

During an interview with FARMERS VOICE NG correspondents on Wednesday, Mal. Ahmad Hussain emphasized the need for capable hands equipped with agricultural knowledge to design an effective distribution mechanism that would foster a productive economy.

Hussain expressed concern over the dominance of subsistence farming in Nigeria’s agricultural sector, noting that this has been a major setback for investment in the industry.

He criticized the current intervention funds system, which lacks a proper recovery mechanism, leading to losses for both the government and private firms.

According to Hussain, his own farm has faced challenges where local farmers, who received training and inputs, refused to pay back after successful harvests.

“A farmer was loaned inputs for two hectares of rice cultivation and after harvesting over 180 bags of rice padding, he refused to repay the loan, claiming to have used the produce for his daughter’s wedding” Ahmad cited.

To address such issues and protect the interests of farmers and investors, Hussain advised the government to allocate funds to accountable institutions that can provide collateral to the government as a recovery strategy.

Furthermore, Malam Ahmad Hussain disclosed that his team has drafted a concept note and presented it to the government. The note aims to propose laws that will safeguard the rights of farmers, investors, and consumers.

He commended FARMERS VOICE NG for its timely existence and expressed belief in the platform’s potential to shift the focus from conventional crop production to professional and profitable practices. Hussain also highlighted the role of FARMERS VOICE NG in shaping the minds of investors and end users in the agricultural sector.

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