Emir of Bichi Urges KNSG to Provide Subsidized Fertilizers for Farmers

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By Mustapha Salisu

The Emir of Bichi, Alhaji Nasiru Ado Bayero, has called upon the Kano state government to extend support to farmers by offering fertilizers at subsidized prices.

His request was made during a Sallah homage visit to the Kano state Governor, Alh. Abba Kabir Yusuf, at the state government house today.

The Acting Press Secretary to the Governor, Hisham Habib, conveyed the Emir’s appeal through a statement released to the press.

Highlighting the significance of agricultural development, the Emir emphasized the necessity of ensuring that farmers have access to affordable fertilizers. By offering fertilizers at subsidized rates, the government can alleviate the financial burden on farmers and enhance their productivity.

Furthermore, during his visit, the Emir advocated for the launch of a tree plantation campaign. Recognizing the importance of preserving the environment, he stressed the need to plant more trees to combat deforestation and promote sustainability.

Addressing the issue of water scarcity, the Emir urged the drilling of boreholes across the state. By providing access to clean and reliable water sources, this measure can significantly alleviate the hardships faced by communities grappling with water shortages.

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